A group of friends working at the same nightclub solve crimes using their supernatural powers.
Gemstonez spawned from the creative mind of Tea Jones. With Yolanda's art and Tea's creative storytelling, we want to bring something new and fresh to the entertainment world.
Taneshia "Tea" Jones is a member of WIA, Screenwriter,
Producer and Talent Coordinator from the San Francisco Bay Area. She was a teenage mother, studied Child Development and worked as a Teacher Associate (Infants to School Age). She's also worked as an Actress, Casting Associate, Recording Artist and Radio Show host.
She works with Afro Animation and Afro Comic Con.
Currently being mentored by Sarah Wallendjack with PBS
through WIA (Women In Animation). With a passion for Adult Animation,  Children's programming and Storytelling, she would like to share her voice and vision with the world.
Yolanda is a freelance artist focusing on character design and illustration. Born and raised in The Bay Area. She loves looking at art, making art, watching animation and reading comics. She believes creativity and imagination is the key to life.
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